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Welcome to Diesel Fix Victoria Pty Ltd, your trusted choice for professional mechanical service and repairs on trucks and heavy vehicles. Based in the Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows, bordering Campbellfield, Somerton, Thomastown and Fawkner, we service and repair all makes of trucks, specialising in Scanias and can give you service that is of high quality.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with current techniques, and our modern testing equipment enables accurate diagnosis of faults.
Our people are professionals in their field of expertise.
Diesel Fix Victoria Pty Ltd is a one stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs, including Servicing, Air-con, full Engine Diagnostics, local collection and delivery service on agreement.

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional services!


Vic Roads licensed testing

Repairs and servicing


Full Engine diagnostics and many more !

Why Choose Us?

Full Diagnosis & Brake Checks

Quick online appointments

Highly professional staff

What People Say?

Diesel Fix are a long-term trading partner who have always completed any and all jobs without fault, and more importantly, in a timely manner. Their reliability is unparalleled.

Abdul El Hussein Australia

The folks at Diesel Fix are the best. I have been there with all of my vehicles with issues ranging from a bad transmission to brake jobs. They are always honest and do a great job.

Christopher Campbell Australia

We have used Diesel Fix exclusively for 12 years now. They have serviced 10 different vehicles for us in that time, and have always been fast, efficient, fair, honest, and trustworthy!

Evelyn Fisher Australia
What parts should be replaced at what intervals?

Your owner’s manual provides all necessary information regarding what parts to replace and when to do it. Read it thoroughly and note any exceptions or severe service notations. Warranties are there to protect the consumer, but you must follow the requirements. If you have questions about warranties, please contact us.

Should I consider using synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic engine oils are produced through a synthesis process that takes very small molecules and assembles them into larger designer molecules with premium lubricating properties.

How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

Keep a maintenance schedule. Doing so helps you plan for services that prolong the life of your vehicle, reduce vehicle failures, and gain you peace of mind. If you’d prefer, we can maintain the schedule for you.

When do I need to replace my belts and hoses?

If you can see cracks in your belts, it is time to have them replaced. We recommend replacing your belts and hoses at least every three to four years. If your hoses look swollen or soft that could be an indicator that they need to be replaced. However, hoses can deteriorate on the inside and if this happens there is no visual evidence that the hose needs to be changed.

Diesel Fix Victoria Pty Ltd

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